As part of our comprehensive biotransformation offerings, we’ve developed significant expertise in fermentation to make biocatalysts for APIs or intermediates. Additionally we are developing our capabilities to manufacture enzyme therapeutics, initially for oral dosage forms, in the future for injectables.

Our experts can investigate the replacement of an expensive commercial enzyme in a technical package with an inhouse enzyme. This saves cost, reduces dependence on an external supplier, and allows full control of enzyme production/supply as needed for the project, on demand.

Fuxin offers a full and flexible range of ADC manufacturing services from process development & analytical support to cGMP production from R&D and commercial scale by using both of chemical synthesis and fermentation process.

Fuxin, a reliable strategic
CDMO partner in China

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    Office address:
    3F, Building-11, No.68 Huatuo Road, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park,
    Pudong, Shanghai, China
    R&D address:
    3F, No. 39, Xumiao Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China.
    Mfg address:
    Huanghai Road, Yangkou Chemical Zone, Rudong City, Jiangsu Province.