Our respect for the environment drives us to follow best practices and achieve a sustainable management and development. Each project will be detailed assessed and considered priority to production in aspect of potential waste/safety/risk.

Environment friendly

All of the solid and liquid waste will be managed by onsite water treatment facility firstly and certificated company secondly which ensures the COD is in concordance with the limitation.

Health of employee

Sound personal protection and regular safety training is the guarantee of health for every employee. To value each member in team is the essential responsibility of Fuxin.

Safety production and operation

Innovative green chemistry is the key to achieve safe, clean production of various chemicals. Hazardous chemistry is able to be well-controlled with efficient recycling.

Fuxin, a reliable strategic
CDMO partner in China

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    Office address:
    3F, Building-11, No.68 Huatuo Road, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park,
    Pudong, Shanghai, China
    R&D address:
    3F, No. 39, Xumiao Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China.
    Mfg address:
    Huanghai Road, Yangkou Chemical Zone, Rudong City, Jiangsu Province.