Fuxin dedicates to offer CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) service for API manufacturing customers based on strong theoretical knowledge combined with outstanding skills for applied chemistry.

Our in-house designed project management system supports a rapid and smooth project progression throughout all stages in an open and transparent environment, where all information is exchanged via the project manager.

Well-integrated project management system in Fuxin ensures that all projects meet client expectations on time and on budget. When a project is transferred from the laboratory to the plant, the responsible project manager actively participates in the transfer and production and has the overall responsibility.

Fuxin, a reliable strategic
CDMO partner in China

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    Office address:
    3F, Building-11, No.68 Huatuo Road, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park,
    Pudong, Shanghai, China
    R&D address:
    3F, No. 39, Xumiao Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China.
    Mfg address:
    Huanghai Road, Yangkou Chemical Zone, Rudong City, Jiangsu Province.